The Professional International Moving Company you choose should be able to provide you with all the information you need to make your move to Europe as effortless as possible.  Their main goal should be ensuring the safe and efficient movement of all your goods to your new location in Europe.

Services Includes:

  1. The Provision of an Obligation-free Quote: The quote should include all the services they will provide, for instance, the providing of necessary forms on regulations and permission forms that are needed for the area you are moving to, as well as the prices on all the separate service they provide.
  2. Knowing and providing you with the information surrounding the transport of your possessions: Because it is their profession, they would know and understand the international and local regulations and rules that will apply to you personally.  Any necessary forms will be supplied and submitted to the correct offices after completion.
  3. Handling the Logistics in an efficient way: Explaining to you all the options available to you and also giving advice on the best option.  Depending on where and what you are moving and if it is only land travel or also include shipping by sea, they should provide you with the most cost-effective options they can provide.
  4. Giving you a list of items they are not allowed to transport: Flammable items may not be transported by moving companies.  Dangerous goods may only be transported with proper authorisation.  A list of what is seen as dangerous and non-transportable, as well as how you should prepare certain items for the move.  They should also request a list of you that includes everything that needs to be moved by them.
  5. Guarantees and Safety Regulations: All moving companies have to conform to certain safety regulations.  After accepting their quote and hiring the moving company, they should also provide you with the particulars of the guarantees that are usually included in their price.  You should be able to take out extra insurance if you think it is needed.

An experienced, professional moving company will know how to effectively manage the move of you and your belongings to Europe in the most efficient, cost-effective way.