7 Cities in Europe you should definitely Visit During Winter Time

Europe has some of the most unique places to spend some time in during the winter.  It can be for a weekend or for the whole of winter, depending on how much time you have available.

Top Winter-destinations in Europe:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

In winter, Copenhagen is one of the most fairytale-like places in Europe.  Locals spend their evenings and afternoons relaxing in the beautiful surroundings while drinking hot chocolate.  You can also visit their amusement park, a castle or two and the winter culture month which occurs in February.  It includes art shows, culinary events, and concerts in unusual venues.

  1. Venice, Italy

The Carnival of Venice is a top attraction for tourists during wintertime in Europe.  The carnival is exciting, beautiful and also a little bizarre.  There are many costumed events, which can cost you a pretty penny.  You can also join in all the fun by just purchasing a mask at a street market.  What an awesome souvenir to take home, after enjoying a night at a Venice festival.

  1. Granada, Spain

No other region has as many things to explore as Granada.  Not as cold as many other cities, you can still ski the Sierra Nevadas or simply roam the city.  You can head to the coast but not for a swim.  The city is not as crowded as other European destinations and you can truly enjoy the many sights.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Even being one of Europe’s coldest areas, there are still lots of reasons to pay this city a visit.  The Winter Lights Festival is an annual event taking place in February and is one of Europe’s best celebrations.  It is also the home to many museums, restaurants, and many outdoor “geothermal swimming pools”.  This is an experience not to miss, relaxing in the naturally warm waters with snow falling around you.

  1. Edinburg, Scotland

Stunning castles and palaces with winding streets and beautiful gardens transformed into a winter wonderland make Edinburg a charming place to visit.  You can ice skate in the centre of one of the oldest cities in Europe.  Also, make sure to visit the highlands which are wonderful in winter.

Only a few wonderful places to visit during winter time in Europe.  Getting more familiar with Europe, surely you will find a few more wonderful places to visit.

5 Useful Tips that could make your Move to Europe an Even More Incredible Experience

Moving to a new country is already an incredible experience.  However, there are things that you might not have considered before the move.

You are moving to a new environment.  Things will automatically change and the stuff you took for granted before, will probably appear more difficult, unfamiliar and strange.

Useful Tips to make your European move an Incredible Experience:

  1. Spend some time abroad beforehand: Familiarize yourself with the country you are moving to by travelling there before the move.  Something familiar will make you feel welcome when the movers arrive with your belongings.
  2. Learn Money Management: Be prepared for a price shock.  Also, think about the currency, learn the exchange rate to be able to know what you spend.  At first, you might feel that it is not real money, not what you are used to, and it might cause you to overspend.  Make a comparison list of the things you normally buy with their prices in the old and new currencies.
  3. Make new friends quickly: New friends will help you get settled much faster, they will show all the best local places to go shopping, eat, have a drink or go for a walk.  You can even find expatriate groups online that could be helpful in guiding you through a possible tough first few weeks.
  4. Take less stuff with you, rather than more: Sort out your belongings before you start packing.  Get rid of all those things that just gather dust and creates a nice place for spider-webs.  Take only what you need and sell the rest or give it away.  You will feel liberated and then there will be room to start integrating your new way of life, a new culture.
  5. Moving will Change you: You will learn to become independent and responsible in a new way, because you now embrace a new way of living.  It will also change your perspective and teach you a new, different sense of appreciation and respect for the people surrounding you.

Just remember that a move to a new country will always be difficult.  It will become a little easier if you accept this fact and approach each new challenge with positivity.  The different things that you will experience will shape you into the person you can become.

5 Things you should do before you Move to Europe

Moving to new Country might essentially mean to pack up all your belongings and your entire life into suitcases and containers.  Getting organized to do that takes a lot of planning and decision making.  Still, there are things you possibly did not think about doing before leaving your old life behind.

Other things you should think about doing:

  1. Do Research on the Place you are moving to; especially the area you are going to be living in. Get to know the area through Google Maps and Google Street view.  You can also read blogs and find interesting information following town or area guides.
  2. Found Interim accommodation if you cannot move into your new place immediately; if you have to wait a day or more before everything arrives you can book a place in a hotel or even an apartment, depending on the time you will need it for, in the area where you are going to live. This can be another way to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.
  3. Learn the Language; even if English is spoken there regularly, learn the language that is spoken locally. It will help you feel a little less at a loss for words in your new environment.
  4. Get Insurance Information; you will need to insure your belongings and yourself on the way to your new home. You should also look into insurance options where you are going to be living.  Each country or government have their own types of insurance and healthcare insurance systems also differ from country to country.
  5. Start gathering photos of family, friends and loved places; bringing these with you will help you make your new house feel more like home. Surrounding you with familiar faces and views will also help you settle in your new surroundings.

Figure out a plan on how to communicate with your family and friends that stay behind.  Also, buy a new camera to take lots of photographs of your new surroundings to send to everyone.