To get ready and organized for an International move is very exciting but also very stressful.  There is a multitude of things to take care of.  You need to become as organized as possible to make the actual move easier.

One of the first things to do, after the important documentation and needed paperwork, is done, is to find an international moving company.  You should compare a number of quotes and the services that these companies have on offer.  When you find the company that suits your needs, they will also be able to give you information on specific requirements that moving to Europe might imply.

A Professional International Moving Company will take care of your possessions while in transit and also in while in storage.  They will also know all the correct procedures and administrative regulations that you may not be aware of.

This is their work and they understand the local and international rules and regulations pertaining customs and border control; even more so when your belongings need to cross an ocean to reach their destination.  It will save you a lot of worry and time to leave the unfamiliar processes to the experts.