5 Things you should do before you Move to Europe

Moving to new Country might essentially mean to pack up all your belongings and your entire life into suitcases and containers.  Getting organized to do that takes a lot of planning and decision making.  Still, there are things you possibly did not think about doing before leaving your old life behind.

Other things you should think about doing:

  1. Do Research on the Place you are moving to; especially the area you are going to be living in. Get to know the area through Google Maps and Google Street view.  You can also read blogs and find interesting information following town or area guides.
  2. Found Interim accommodation if you cannot move into your new place immediately; if you have to wait a day or more before everything arrives you can book a place in a hotel or even an apartment, depending on the time you will need it for, in the area where you are going to live. This can be another way to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.
  3. Learn the Language; even if English is spoken there regularly, learn the language that is spoken locally. It will help you feel a little less at a loss for words in your new environment.
  4. Get Insurance Information; you will need to insure your belongings and yourself on the way to your new home. You should also look into insurance options where you are going to be living.  Each country or government have their own types of insurance and healthcare insurance systems also differ from country to country.
  5. Start gathering photos of family, friends and loved places; bringing these with you will help you make your new house feel more like home. Surrounding you with familiar faces and views will also help you settle in your new surroundings.

Figure out a plan on how to communicate with your family and friends that stay behind.  Also, buy a new camera to take lots of photographs of your new surroundings to send to everyone.